GPGPU in Embedded Systems

High Performance Embedded Computer (HPEC) systems are now leaning toward using the specialized parallel computational speed and performance on General Purpose Graphic Processor Units (GPGPUs).  Providing that power and performance in a rugged, extended temperature small form factor (SFF) can be challenging.

In today’s fast growing computer industry, embedded systems must advance side by side with the latest computing technology. The software applications used by embedded systems (civilian or military) are becoming more complex every day and demand much more computation power from the hardware.

Therefore, a deeper understanding of the difficulties in modern embedded systems and better knowledge of existing technical solutions will help in choosing the best available product, which will deliver the best performance for civilian and military markets.

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Learn more about how to navigate the current HPEC environment with a deeper understanding of the difficulties as well as the technical solutions, to help choose the best available product.

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